25 February 2023

टर्निंग प्वाइंट

 टर्निंग प्वाइंट


"सर बहुत संघर्षों के बाद आप यहां तक पहुंचे हैं"इंटरव्यू का पहला सवाल मैंने पूछा,इंजीनियर साहब से।

इंजीनियर दत्ता ने गहरी सांस लिया और बोलें"बीस साल पहले में भैंस चराया करता था,कक्षा 10 में था ,तभी मेरे एक आईपीएस रिश्तेदार गांव आए थे ,लौट रहें थे, मैं पगडंडी पर अपनी भैंसे लेकर आ रहा था,उन्होंने नीली बत्ती वाली एंबेसडर कार की खिड़की से सिर निकाल कर पूछा "पढ़ोंगे"...

.मैंने कहा "बहुत ".

फिर उन्होंने कहा चलो ......बस्ता बांधो,

हालांकि मेरे पिता जी गरीब किसान थे,वे शहर पढ़ने नहीं भेज सकते थे,लेकिन उस देवात्मा ने हमे थोड़ा सपोर्ट(आर्थिक मदद/पुस्तके वा फीस जमा) कर दिया , मेरी अच्छी नींव बना दी,जिस पर आज मैं बढ़ा हूं....बाद में मैं ट्यूशन पढ़ाकर आगे बढ़ा ।उनकी की गई मदद मेरे जीवन का सबसे टर्निंग प्वाइंट साबित हुई।आज उनकी वजह से मेरा और मेरे परिवार का जीवन स्तर ,शिक्षा,आर्थिक स्थिति सब वो हैं,जो हम सोच नही सकते थे । उन्होंने सैकड़ों के जीवन को बदला हैं, पारस मणि हैं वें,भगवान सरीखे हैं मेरे लिए।

इंजीनियर दत्ता कहते कहते भावुक हों रहें थे, मैंने उन्हें पानी का ग्लास पकड़ाया।

मैं सोचने लगा ...काश हर ऊंचे ओहदे(सक्षम) का व्यक्ति,किसी संघर्षशील पथिक को इतना किक(मदद) दे दे की उसकी जिंदगी में बदलाव आ जाएं,तो दुनिया और खूबसूरत हो जायेंगी।

डॉक्टर अजय यादव

26 February 2022


 72. Ennui B 

Meanings :- ennui (n): boredom, feeling of having enough of a thing or reaching a point of satiety. Interpretation :- it is mostly attributed to ones present living conditions or state of affairs.  

Versions :- (1) "I seem to be so used to the present atmosphere that I don't feel like living in it anymore.  The four walls of my house seem to be eating me. I am waiting for the day when I shall have some  relief to be able to move to some new place." 

(2) "in the beginning I had a lot of interest in taking that treatment regularly but of late I feel I have  reached the point of satiety with it. I am looking for the day when it will end although I am much better  than before." 

73. Ennui, entertainment, amel B 

Meanings :- entertainment (n): something that diverts the mind or holds the attention agreeably. It may  be in the form of hospitality by anyone, or musical performance, etc. 

ameliorates : (v): makes better or improves. 

Versions :- "to remain sick even for a day is a matter of great boredom for me, of course if I have  something to divert my mind and hold my attention agreeably then I may not mind." "Either someone may engage me in some sort of interesting conversation or try to entertain me as a  guest or did some sort of performance like music, etc., etc." 

74. Envy A 

Meanings :- Envy (v): desire for an advantage possessed by another. 

Interpretation :- The object of envious feeling is grudging or grief at the sight of other's success. But  not in the sense of hatred towards them. It is in the sense that if others can possess something why can't  he? It is in a spirit of competitiveness, or a race for gain, to excel other without entertaining the idea of  harming or destroying other's possessions. 

Versions :- "when I see people enjoying around me, it comes to my mind that will there be a day in my  life also when I shall have a smile on my face and will be able to eat, drink and be merry as they are doing." 

75. Jealousy B 

Meanings :- Jealousy (n): uneasiness at the success or position of others or suspiciousness or rivalry or 

faithlessness in love or business affairs. 

Interpretation :- jealousy is just opposite to envy. It is double edged. Neither he can tolerate others  possessing something which he does not possess nor he can tolerate others having the same thing which  he possesses. He will remain busy busy in suspecting otherers of robbing him of his possessions. He  may take to offense in protecting his possessions. 

Versions:- "When I see people laughing it comes to my mind that I should snatch from them their joy. If  cannot enjoy why should they." 

76. Excitement, amel A 

meanings :- excitement (n): an excited state. 

Interpretation :- something that which excites or agitates emotions by arousing feelings, ameliorates  sufferings. 

Versions :- "something which warms the mind and give it life, acts as a soother to me. I do not like  dullness. It is the company of live people which I feel can keep me happy ." 

77. Exhilaration can recall things long forgotten. A 

Meanings:- Exhilaration (n): exhilaration is a state of joyousness or inner feeling of pleasantness. 

Interpretation:- "Many times I sit and recall the memories of good old days and enjoy at the thought of  them but become unhappy when I think that perhaps those days will never come again. While  comparing the present with the past it comes to my mind that I was not like this as I am today but used  to be a happy and jolly person." 

78. Fear, betrayed of being AA 

Meanings:- Fear (n): A sort of discomfort aroused by an impending pain, danger or evil which is  specific in nature . A person can identify the subject of his fear. 

 Betrayed (v): Deceived. 

Interpretation:- Fear of being deceived by persoms, situations and or events. 

Versions:- "Doctor, if you do not mind , I shall like to know, whether you have treated an identical case  (to that of mine) in the past." 

" Frankly speaking as you suggest that for every type of ailment as for example , sleeping , I shall have  to abandon allopathic medicine and depend on yours. I am worried , if in case your medicine do not  work, what will be my lot. Because the disease is somewhat under control now. Lest I be deprived of  what I already have." 

79. Fear extravagance of AA 

Meanings:- Extravagance (n): Excess in any matter.

Interpretation:- That part of the spendings which an individual feelsis in excess of what in his  estimation is the right limit. Each individual has his own measurement of the excess. One person may  like to pay not more than Rupees ten for a thing and a paisa more may be treated by him as exceeding  his limit but another may not mind paying Rs. 15/- even for the same. But both of them will be scared to cross the limits they have in their minds. 

Versions:- " Doctor, previously you were never taking so much time. So much so that very serious  ailments were treated by you within a short time. Now for this minor trouble you are taking too much  time." 

80. Fear, injured, of being A 

Interpretation:- We have already studied the rubric Delusions injured is being. In delusion it is the  sensation about the injury being received (in present) and in fear it is about the injury one may get in the  future. 

Versions:- "I can bear pains , remain without treatment but not the prick of the needle. I am so afraid of  infections, surgical, of the possibility of irreparable damage." 

81. Fear, self - control losing B  

meaning :- self control (n): hold over ones physical and mental functions. 

 Losing (v): Of being deprived of. 

Interpretation :- fears that in a particular situation in may be deprived of control over his physical and  mental functions and thus the situation may go out of his hands. 

Versions :- (1) "before going out, I am reminded of urinating because of the fear if in case I feel the  urge somewhere at such a place during my journey as do not provide the facility for it. It is possible  that I may not be able to keep control over myself and the urine passes involuntarily in the trousers."  (2) "I know, that I am fully equipped with the knowledge about my profession and subject  

but what I fear is whether during the interview I shall be able to keep control over my memory and  intelligence and perform properly as I feel I can and I should." 

82. Fear, society of his position in C 

Meanings :- society (n): an organized group of persons coming together for a particular purpose.  Position (n) place of a person at a given moment. 

Interpretation :- it is one's own good image for place already earned or to be earned in future in the society which keeps him scared of doing something which may affect his fame. 

Versions :- "What actually I fear is that if a female child is borne to us, the people will treat us "as poor  unfortunate persons". It is this impression about us which frightens me and I want to avoid it.  Therefore please do something if it is possible that we have a male child." 

83. Fear, sufferings of A 

Meanings :- suffering (n): state of taking stain or tolerating stain.

Interpretation :- it is the state of undergoing the strain or nerves that one fears. 

Versions :- "I do not mind how lengthy may the treatment be but it should be without any trouble and  inconvenience." 

"Do you mean pains?" sir, "don't talk of pains that is too heavy a term to be used for my fear. I will say  that just coming to your clinic frequently to collect medicine too seems to be troublesome to me. I do  not think that I shall able to accommodate to that extent even." 

84. Fear, superstitious A 

Meanings :- Superstitious (adj): any belief having no logical background. 

Interpretation :- For example, a person has been getting an attack of a particular disease for the last few  years, in a particular month of the year that's why he is fearing that certainly he will get the attack this  year also. No argument, no reasoning is sufficient to rid him of this idea which is troubling him. 

Versions :- "I have noticed that regularly on two three occasions in the past my pains come on Monday.  Therefore a day or two before the coming of every Monday I start fearing that the pains will come.  And it so happens that actually they come." Although he laughed but with a concern and tried to stress  " sir do not take me lightly. I shall request you to do something for me." 

85. Fear, troubles of imaginary. C 

Meanings :- Imaginary (adj): Existing in imagination, not real. 

 Troubles (n): difficulties. 

Interpretation :- can not be convinced that his problems are not real because according to him they are  just before his nacked eyes. 

Versions :- (1) "I imagine in that for this disease people will start hating me." For this reason "I fear to  disclose it to anyone". 

 (2) " there is a hole in the sole of my left foot but nobody believes me. They say they do  not see it. I am afraid, in such a situation as this, nobody will be convinced to treat me Medically." 

86. Fear, unaccountable A 

Meanings :- unaccountable (adj): having no reasonable explanation or accounts. 

Interpretation :- which is without any meaning. He knows that his fear is meaningless yet is not able to  overcome it. 

Versions :- "What to tell you sir, about my fear. I know it is called unnecessary and without any head  and tail." 

"If I get a news about someone's death I start feeling about myself that perhaps my death is also near and that I shall die soon. I shall feel scared to join a funeral party. Although I try to tell myself that 

nothing like that is going to happen, but I do not succeed in overcoming my fear."

87. Feigning, sick AA  

Meanings :- Feigning (v): Assuming an appearance of sickness. To represent fictitiously one's own  condition of health. 

Interpretation :- this is the literal meaning of Feigning sick. But actually in practice it is not necessary  that the person may put on totally a false appearance of sickness. It is possible that he is really sick but  wants to make it appear in an exaggerated way so that those around him must know that he is really sick  and give him their due attention. And part that purpose he will employ such behaviour as is necessary to serve his aim because in reality he wants attention. 

Versions :- "you know, that these days the near ones have no time to pay attention to a sick person in the house. So sometimes through different types of gesture I have to make it known that I am not well.  At occasions I have to represent my sickness in an exaggerated way in order to get their assistance and  attention to that exten I need." 

88. Frivolous AA 

Meanings :- Frivolous (adj): not worth to serious notice. 

 Characterized by lack of seriousness.Unserious. 

Interpretation: -taking things easily. Do not become that serious as usually people do in similar  situation as he is in. 

Versions :- "I am not much bothered about my sickness. Because I do not feel that it is of any  significance. It is my husband who has generally been admonishing me for this. Because in his view I am a careless person so for my health is concerned. It is at his insistence that I have come to you for the  treatment. I think it will heal by itself." 

89. Groping, as if in the dark A 

Meanings :-Groping (adj): searching something as if blind.  

Interpretation :- trying to find a way out of the present crisis but is not successful and is looking for the  direction. 

Versions :- "apparently I do not find any relief. I am at a loss to understand as to what to do in this  condition. Neither I am able to assess whether or not I am recovering in any way nor I am able to  decide to whom else to approach for a fresh opinion." 

90. Helplessness, feeling A 

Meanings :- helplessness (n): state of inability to help oneself in the given circumstances.  Feeling (n): perceiving by touch. 

Interpretation :- arriving at the conclusion after coming into contact with the circumstances that no 

other way out is left but to accept just the one which is available. There is no choice. 

Versions :- "because of my sickness I have to neglect most of the house-hold. I know everything is in disorder. The maid servent does not work according to my satisfaction. Had I been in good health I  would have terminated her services." 

91. Honour, effects of wounded. 

Versions :- honour (n): honesty and integrity in one's beliefs & actions; high public esteem, fame, glory  ; a source of credit or distinction; high respect as for worth merit or rank. 

 Effects (n): results, consequences. 

 Wounded (adj): damaged. 

Interpretation :- in the state of undergoing the impact of results of damaged repetition, fame, glory, high  respect. 

Versions :- "because of bad deeds of my son, I cannot show my face to the people and remain indoors  to avoid meeting anyone. " 

92. Hide, desires C 

Meanings :- hide (v): to prevent from being seen. 

 Desires (v): wants to. 

Versions :- "I feel I am going to have fever. I want to avoid it if possible." 

93. Escape, attempts to . A 

Meanings :- escape (v): to slip away 

 attempts (v): make an effort. 

Interpretation :- for the sake of comperative study it will be found that one will try to escape from a  situation or a person which is just before him face-to-face. And tries to find out ways how to save  himself from it. But one can hide himself from something which has not yet appeared before him and  he remains unnoticed, because the scope of hiding vanishes when one comes to the notice. 

Versions :- "I tried to avoid onset of the fever but could not. Now since it has come I am finding ways  to get rid of it." 

94. Hides, things AA 

 (cross reference): nacked wants to be 

Meanings :- hides (v): prevents from being seen 

 things (n): objects without life. 

Interpretation :- hides things, facts, deeds, affairs, actions, intentions etc. not always but on isolated  occasions when found necessary that too not with all seriousness but in a joking mood or out of  shyness. Uncovers things as soon as the shyness is over and seriousness returns.

Versions :- "I generally do not try to hide things from anyone. I am a very open book." "But sometimes a situation may demand that you have to put a cover on a particular issue. Yet I will not able to do it for  too long a period. Because if I find that to prolong hiding will mean telling a lie I will uncover the  hidden fact promptly. For example, let me tell you about these black spots on the left side of my face. .  whenever I will meet a stranger I shall cover them with my hand but if the same person meets me  frequently I shall stop covering them." 

95. Secretive (cross reference) B 

Meanings :- Secretive (adj): one who does, makes or conducts without the knowledge of others, as a  matter of his nature or habit. 

Versions :- "please don't disclose it to anyone that I am under your treatment. I shall like to keep it to  myself." 

96. Hopeful B 

Meanings :- hopeful (adj): full of hope. 

Interpretation :- who feels that the events may turn out for the best. Assured in the mind at the  happening will be favourable. Fully confident of getting desired results. 

Versions :- "mind mind assures me that I self recovery. It is my internal feeling."

97. Impatience, pain from A 

Meanings :- Impatience (n): state of inability to endure or wait because of pain or eager desire, for  relief. 

 From (prep) : indicates the source, agent or instrument of impatience. Interpretation :- Not in a state to bear pains and therefore is not possible for him to wait any longer. 

Versions: (1) "I cannot bear pains. This is my weakness and therefore cannot wait even for moment. If  I find that medicine is taking time to overcome the pain, I shall change the treatment at once." 

 (2) tosses his head & produces sound oh! & says, " I am not able to bear the pain. Please do  something quickly." 

98. Inciting, others. B 

Meanings :- Inciting (v): prompting to action. 

Interpretation :- prompting others to action and keeping himself behind and quiet. 

Versions :- "you might have treated many people successful but I will accept your skill only after you cure me."

99. Indifference, desire has no, no action of the will. A 

Meanings :- indifference (n): lack of interest or concern. 

 Desire (n): craving. 

 Action (n): state of being action. 

 Will (v): the power of his choosing actions. 

Interpretation :- a state of complete lack of interest in desiring anything and exerting the power of  control over one's own actions. Lack of initiative. 

Versions :- 

 (1) "On my own, I am never reminded of any work. If somebody tells me to do something  I will do it. Otherwise I will sit idle and do nothing.Seldom when I feel like doing anything I have to  seek someone's advice whether or not to carry it out." 

 (2) A mother tells about her child that he bothers her very much. He will not do anything  on his own initiative so much so that he will come to her and ask "should I go to obey the call of  nature" or should I eat this or should I take that etc, etc. 

100. Indifference, important, things to B 

Meanings :- important (adj):Of significance. 

Interpretation :- lack of concern for things of much significance which ordinarily one is not expected to  lose interest in. 

Versions :- "It is a strange contrast in my nature that I remain quite disinterested about important  matters of my business and other affairs and because of this I have to suffer and miss many good  opportunities for further progress." 


101. Indifference, lies with eyes closed B 

Meanings:- Eyes (n) closed: Disallowing oneself to see. 

 Lies (v): remaining in a state of inactivity. 

Interpretation :- remains in a state of no concern as if eyes are closed to whatever goes on around and  have become inactive . 

Versions :- "I know that I am suffering from a serious disease which if neglected may prove fatal, yet my attention is never drawn towards it and I never think of going to a doctor. As if not aware of it and  inclined to take any action." 

102. Indifference, personal appearance, to B

Meanings :- personal (adj): one's own. 

Interpretation :- lake of interest in one's own, outward show, in dressing, maintaining public impression  of decorum, prosperity, etc. 

Versions :- "I do not feel any interest in dressing myself properly and keep my personal appearance in order. Because I am never convinced that my appearance which in the view of others is bad is really  not good." 

103. Indifference, recovery about his B 

Meanings :- recovery (n): regaining of something lost. 

 About (prep): concerning. 

Interpretation :- not bothering about regaining the health lost but is interested only in mitigating his  sufferings. 

Versions :- "I am not much interested in the eradication of my disease. What I am bothered most is  about the suffering and pain. I want to get rid of them first. About recovery I will think later." 

104. Indifference, sufferings to A 

Interpretation :- feeling of no concern so far one's sufferings are concerned as if nothing is happening to  him. 

Versions :- "ailments may be of any dimension (strength), we have never seen him showing any  concern about that. "He keeps himself normal. 

105.Indignation, A 

Meanings :- indignation (n): feeling caused by what is considered as unworthy of one's dignity. Interpretation :- the respect, position, status on holds in office or being elderly in the house, etc. etc. 

Versions: -- "let me tell you doctor that here at your clinic my position is of as patient. But at my own  place I command respect being the proprietor of my business. I take myself to be a man of dignity and if it is denied to me in any way I feel disrespected." 

 "The same is the case with me when I am in the family. Being the head, if any of the members tries  to show disregard to me, I take it ill." 

106. Indignation, discomfort, from a general AA 

Meanings :- discomfort (n) from general: state of uncomfortable feeling because of having been  disrespected, although in a general, way.

Interpretation :- one has not been provided due reception or the comfortable place of sitting etc. worthy  of his dignity of which others or not aware. 

Versions :- "with me there is a problem. For example I have come to your clinic. Here if I find that there is no one to attend to me properly and offer me a seat but at least receive me with respect and  requests me to wait till the doctor is free, I will take it as a disrespect to me and will not wait even for a  moment and leave the place." 

107. Inquistive A 

Meanings :- Inquistive (adj): one who searches into or makes efforts to satisfy one's curiosity (having  desire to learn or know about anything). 

Versions :- 

 1) "Just for information, doctor, if you do not mind I shall ask you one question. I am sure that  you must have treated so many cases like that of mine. I wanted to confirm it from you."  2) "Another question is that which of the other diseases you treat successfully. It is my habit to  be up-to-date with every type of information." 


108. Irritability, pain during A A 

Meanings :-Irritability (n): state of excitability to impatience or anger or annoyance .  pains (n): bodily sufferings or distress due to injury or illness. 

Interpretation :- in other words, it is the degree of strain the nerves have to bear. After a limit the stress  of strain is felt and it starts taking the shape of sufferings. This stress when aggravated further takes the  shape of pain. 

It is in the state of excessive strain on nerves which plunges a person into a state of annoyance. 

Versions :- "So long as the pain there I remain irritated. I shall not like to talk to anyone. As if I am  annoyed with everyone and everything around me. It is not necessary that the pain should be in the  body, it may be in the mind. Because if I find something unjustified it also annoys me and brings the same changes in my attitude as above." 

109. Lamenting, bemoaning,wailing C 

Meanings :- lamenting (n): expressing bodily pain (affliction) disappointments, grief, sadness or  regret.etc. 

Interpretation :- the way of expression may be a prolonged low inarticulate sound uttered as from  physical or mental suffering or bemoanful high pitched clear sounding as in grief or suffering which  clearly indicates that the lamenter is trying to convey how deep and strong is the suffering, by uttering  loudly words like 'dying' 'killed', oh! God' etc.

Versions :- She talks in a mourning tone and expresses caused by her sickness. She says, "my sickness is badly after me and does not seem to leave may easily. It has let me down. I am cut off from society  and everything is except this nasty disease which keeps me busy with itself all the time

110. Lamenting, sickness about his C 

Interpretation :- while lamenting one tries to point out how distressing his sickness is. His remarks may  be "this disease is not going to leave me." In certain cases producing of peculiar sounds of lamenting  may be missing but a bit abusive language may be substituting it. 

Versions :- "this nasty disease is with me since very long. I know it is not going to leave me. That's  why doctor please give me something just to mitigate my pains or sufferings. Do not think of curing  my disease." 

111. Laughing, actions, at his own C 

Meanings :- laughing (n): the state of expressing emotions (as mirth), pleasure, derision or nervousness  with an audible, vocal expulsion of air from the lungs which can range from loud burst of sound to  chunkles. 

 Actions (n): doings. 

Interpretation :- to express a causal joy at one's own doings. 

Versions :- as she started reporting about her sickness, she was plunged into laughter and said "I am. laughing at myself because I am reminded that every time I come to you, it is with a fresh complaint  and obviously I feel you will think what a strange type of women I am." 

112. Laughing, speaking when B 

Meanings :- speaking (n): communicating orally. 

Interpretation :- laughing while communicating orally, which shows a happy mood. 

Versions :- it has been observed that while communicating she laughs spontaneously without being  aware of it. It looks as if this is the part of her nature. 

113. Light, desire for AA 

Meanings :- light (n): something that makes things visible or affords illumination. 

Interpretation: -- desire for something with the help of which one achieve knowledge or remove  darkness about anything. Here as a patient one should be inclined to know about the nature of his  disease, whether it is curable or not etc. 

Versions :- "Doctor please tell me if there is any hope of recovery. If you give me some assurance I  will start treatment with you. Because I am not a doctor and not supposed to know whether or not my  disease is curable. So, if you think you can cure me. I shall accept your version because whatever use a will be based on your experience in similar cases." 

114. Light, shuns B 

Meanings :- shuns (v): to keep away from the knowledge about anything (one is scared of). Interpretation :- He thinks, it is safe to remain in dark. 

Versions :- "I am avoiding all types of diagnostic investigations in my case because I know if  something is detected. It in itself will be a cause of great embarrassment to me." 

115. Longing,good opinion of others for C 

Meanings:- longing (n): prolonged, unceasing and earnest (serious in all respect) desire.  Opinion (n): the expression of personal judgment or estimate of a person or thing with  respect to character or merit etc. 

 good (adj): morally excellent, virtuous and righteous. 

Interpretation :- A long standing serious desire to listen words of praise about ones qualities and merits  by others. 

Versions :- (1) "My gaze went up and came down. Again went up but never came down. In this verse  a beautiful damsel talks about her experience. 

 That once all of a sudden her looks went up to find that someone was looking at her. In the next  moment they came down in a spontaneous response to something which she longed. (Perhaps, there  she saw a promise full of praises for her for which she was waiting as if from centuries. She wanted  this dream to become true. For which she thought it was necessary to give free chance to her gazer so that he may not hesitate to take full stock of her beauty)." 

 After doing this she raised her eyes again never to cast them down but to search for an answer to her  question into the eyes which were raised at her. 

(2) "outside home I remain happy, why? There is none even occasionally to glance at me and know  about my qualities in the house. I am fond of good diseases and lavish make up. I am good at writing poetry and singing songs. I will definitely like to meet people who encourage me." 

116. Longing, repose for tranquility AA 

Meanings :-Repose (n):a state in which no emotion can disturb. 

Interpretation :- Longstanding desire for rest to achieve that state of calmness of mind which prohibits  the disturbing emotion to effect it is any way. 

Versions :- "Many times I think of going away to some holiday resort to take rest from this daily routine  and to achieve peace of mind but I am not finding time." 

117. Longing, sunshine, light and society for A 

Meanings :- sunshine (n): The shining of the sun, the direct light of the sun which contains both, the 

light and the heat. Also if inferred as a matter of comparison (metaphor) a cheerful face too shines  which is the sign of happiness i.e.internal warmth & hope. 

Light (n): something that removes the darkness. To infer gives awareness about self & surroundings. Society (n): an organized group of persons coming together for a particular purpose. 

Interpretation :- Long outstanding desire for happiness and pleasures of life (sunshine) with the full knowledge and awareness about self while fully enjoying and giving herself to feel that she is there  deep into the state of joyousness (light) in the company of persons of her own liking organized for the  particular purpose of enjoying life to the full (society), without any hitch and hindrance. In a nutshell longing for pomp and show with full pleasures of life enjoying to one's heart content in the  company of like minded people, without hitch and hindrance.  

Versions :- (1) "I want to enjoy life fully in the society of like-minded people without any type of check  on me." 

(2) "A marriage party was passing through our street, when I heard the sound of Band and music, I was  charmed with the idea of enjoying its look from the roof of my house and requested my son to take me  out of the room up to the railings." 

118. Love, sick B 

Meanings :- love (n): A feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection for a parent, child, friend  or a person of opposite sex. 

 Sick (adj): deeply affected with some unhealthy feeling as from a disease. 

Interpretation: -- Feeling of a warm personal attachment for someone which has taken over the mind so  deeply that it has started affecting him like a disease and is not free from it at any time of the day. 

Versions :- " When in distress, I am tormented with the fond memory of my mother and want to be by  her side all the time." 

119. Moral, feeling one of B 

Meanings :- moral (adj): pertaining to or concerned with right conduct and its principles and  conforming (complying with) to them. 

Feeling (n): capacity for emotions or sentiments etc. 

want of (n): lack of. 

Interpretation :- moral feeling want of : without having any place for sentiments concerning the right conduct, in one's mind. 

Versions :- " I become so restless that when I find something not in order I will burst at the person who  is responsible for it with rudeness and even abusive language. Keeping aside all moral constrains I will  not spare even my father or who so ever been may be whom I am obliged to revere." 

120. Nacked, wants to be B

Meanings :- Nacked (adj): without covering. 

Interpretation :- Wishes to uncover himself physically or (to infer) to divulge the bare facts he knows  about himself. 

Versions :- see rubric no. - 94 

121. Narrating, her symptoms agg. B 

Meanings:Narrating (v): giving account of her: her problems 

Interpretation :- Her symptoms agg. while giving an account of them. 

Versions:- "It will be found that certain patients remain quiet and calm till you do not pay any attention  to them. But sooner you start listening to them they will become excited as if while narrating, their  symptoms are aggravating.''  

122. Playful A 

Meanings :- playful (adj): disposed to engage oneself in some amusing exercise. 

Versions :- "these days I am in a mood to indulge in talking to anyone very freely. But I am finding  none. My husband has no time for all these things. I am badly after finding some society." 

123. Praying A 

Meanings :- praying (v): requesting for favour. 

Interpretation :- requesting those in authority for a favour. 

Versions :- "Do you ask everyone to favour you?", a patient was asked. "The question does not arise.  What is the use of asking does who do not know the job. You are a doctor. You can properly  understand my problem. I request only you to rid me of this nasty disease earlier as possible because I  am much in trouble." 

124. Quarrelsome, anger without C 

Meanings :- quarrelsome (adj): argumentive, one who disputes. 

Interpretation :- inclined to argue or to disagree without anger or any sort of agitation. 

Versions :- without showing any type of agitation at her face a patient said, "today I have come to qurrel with you. "Why?." "Because you are not paying proper attention to my case." "How do you know?"  "Since, I observe that others are getting well where as I am not." 

"So you have come to quarrel with me." No, no, I am simply joking but what I actually want to say is 

that please see why I am not improving? 

125. Rest, can not, when things are not in proper place. A 

Meanings :- rest. (n): Relief or freedom from troubles or exertion. 

 Proper (adj) place (n): A space meant for a particular purpose. 

 When (adj): point of time or period. 

Interpretation :- cannot be at peace as long as things are brought back to the order required. This rubric  may be converted into these words. "Things do not appear in order" but is not necessary that peace of mind is lost in every case. In the broader context the disorder may be of any type concerning anything  in life or society (even one's own action or of others) etc. etc. 

Versions :- "I feel that the medicine you gave was not correct because it has not given the desired  results." 

126. Repulsive, mood A 

Meanings :- repulsive (adj): that drives off. Not accepting to be pushed back from the present position.  Mood (n): disposition of mind. 

Interpretation :- wants to hold his foot fast, does not allow himself to be pushed back. 

Versions :- "I want to remain perfectly alright. Why one should be sick?" replied when he was adviced  that he should not bother for minor ailments". 

127. Sadness, insult, as if from B 

Meanings :- sadness (n): state of unhappiness. 

 Insult (v): affront, an offense on one's dignity or self respect. 

Interpretation :- state of unhappiness with the feeling as if self respect or dignity has been offended. 

Versions :- "I am unhappy because today my son did not wish me properly. I feel I have been insulted.  Although I know there was nothing wrong so far his intention was concerned, yet I am not able to  reconcile with the fact and feel sad." 

128. Sadness, quiet B 

Meanings :- quiet (adj): state of unhappiness without making any noise or show of it. Sadness  demonstrated by assuming quietness by way of withdrawl from activity. 

Versions :- when sad, I withdraw from almost every activity and do not respond calls for active  participation in anything with the normal enthusiam. 

129. Sadness, slight, an undeserved from C 

Meanings :- slight (n): having been treated with indifference pointedly and contemptuousely.

 undeserved (adj): unjustified. 

Interpretation :- state of unhappiness because of contemptuous discourtesy received for no fault on  one's part or state of unhappiness because of an unjustified insult. 

Versions :- "what actually makes me sad is that I am punished without any fault on my part." For  example as you have rebuked me of my being irregular in getting treatment from you but I am unhappy  with you as you have not tried to know the reason for it." 

130. Recognises, everything but cannot move AA 

Meanings:- Recognises (v): Identifies as something as previously known or from knowledge of  appearance or existing truth. 

Interpretation:-This rubric may be changed to 'Recognises the reality and accepts it.' Identifies the truth  which cannot be changed and reconciles with it without complaint. 

Versions:- In very plain words & without emotions she tells that she knows that her disease is not  curable then why should she worry about it? Adds further, "My job is to make efforts and not think  beyond that." 

131. Sensitive, mental, impressions to  

Meanings:- Sensitive (adj): That which is affected badly.  

 Mental (adj): concerning mind. 

 Impressions(n)to: Images left or stamped by one object on another. 

Interpretation:- One whose intellect , feelings or conscience is badly affected by certain ideas, abjects or  remembrances,etc. 

Versions:- " Actually I tell my people not to talk to me about any bad news. It is not to say only of  people telling me anything . Ideas will come up even in my own mind also to capture it all of a sudden and start tormenting me un-necessarily." 

" For example, my son has a motor-cycle. If he is out , the thought; of his meeting with an accident will  capture my mind. I am filled with all types of anxieties about him and my heart starts sinking." 

132. Sensitive, external, impressions to all C 

Meanings:- External (adj) : Something which has no concern with the ideas, remembrances or objects  originating from one's mind but coming from outside it. 

Interpretation:- Badly affected (in mind) when comes into contact with the objects, events or  happenings (outside) in one's surroundings. 

Versions:- " Visions of external objects remain inpressed on my mind for several days. If I see a deadbody. Its picture persists before my eyes for several days. If I hear some sensational song its sound will  remain singing in my ear for many days . If I hear a bad news, it will remain fresh in my mind for days  together." "My son is accepting everything whatever is given to him from outside. If he sees someone  doing anything , he will say he will also do the same thing.If he will see anyone eating anything he will  say he will eat the same thing in the same manner etc. etc." 

133. Sensitive, moral, impressions to B  

Meanings :- Moral (adj) : Concerned with right conduct and its principles. 

Interpretation:- Feels badly when principles concerning right conduct are not adhered to. 

Versions:- "When I find that at her old age, my mother is to nurse me , my wife and little children have  to earn to support me, I feel ashamed and think of commiting suicide. In my view a person like me has  no moral standing to live." 

134. Shrieking , aid for A 

Meaning:- Shrieking(v): Uttering a sharp cry. 

 aid(v): Subsidy; not full help just a part of it.It is that proportion of assistance which one needs to  fulfill the deficiency beingexperienced in one's own efforts. 

Interpretation:- Asking for a helping hand in an unpleasant tone. 

Versions:- (1) " I have to look-after all the house-hold all alone. No body tries to help me. Even in  sickness none bothers to see that I need assistance." 

(2) " I was just passing through this way and thought of meeting you. There is not much problem with  me. I can do without medicine. But if I get a dose of it I think it will better." 

135. Stupefaction. knows not where he is C 

Meanings :- Stupefaction (n) : State of numbness of senses of perception as if smoke screened. Knows not: does not perceive or understand clearly and with certainty. 

Interpretation:- Being in a state of cloudy or smoke screened sense of perception is not able to  understand at what place he is. 

Versions:- (1)" During pain I remain lying where, I am. Quite unaware of my surroundings. And come  to my senses; only after the pain is a bit relieved" 

(2) " If you ask me about my present condition I can say I am not clear as to where I stand. It is better  that you repeat the medicine." 

(3) "sometimes I becomes so dull that I have to ask someone to tell me as to where I am."

136. Superstitious B

Meanings:- superstitious (adj): one having a belief in an idea with no logical background. Blind faith. 

Versions :- "My friend was cured by you. It came to my mind that I should also undergo your  treatment. If you could cured him you will definitely be able to cure me. With this faith in mind I have  come to you for treatment." 

137. Talk, desires to someone C 

Meanings :- talk (v): to speak familiarly. 

 Desires (v): craves to. 

 Someone (pron ): some person. 

Interpretation :- to speak familiarly with someone. 

Versions :- "I feel like talking out to someone, those of my ideas which seem to be burdening mind  mind. Generally they are about my sickness, with the hope that I might get some good advice in that  connection." "Sometimes I talk about something other than my sickness just to forget it. At occasions I  find that just talking it entertains me which ameliorates my ailment." 

138. Thoughts, two trains of thoughts C  

Meanings :- thoughts (n): ideas or notions produced one's thinking. 

 Trains (n): lines 

Interpretation :- two lines of thinking or reasoning which run parallel to one another and suggesting two  lines of action as if both are correct and it is difficult to choose one out of the two. 

Versions :- it is a great problem with me, "I am in a fix. Out of the two alternative which one was the  best. I got operated and to be free from the trouble once for all now I think that if the organ could be  saved and healed in a natural way that too was good and worth consideration." 

139. Threatening B 

Meanings :- threatening (n): indicating an intention to inflict punishment or an evil upon the other. This is done either to prevent a person from doing wrong or compel him to toe a particular line. 

Versions :- "be attentive while prescribing for me, if I feel no relief, I shall not come to you again."  "Are you threatening?" 

 "Definitely, because I have noticed that you are not paying proper attention to my case." 140. Timidity, alternating with assurance c 

Meanings: -- timidity (n): want of courage. 

 Alternating (v) with: interchanging repeatedly and regularly with one another.  Assurance (n): A positive declaration intended to give confidence. 

Interpretation: -two states of mind, one discouraging and the other encouraging remain interchanging 

repeatedly and regularly with one another. 

Versions: -- "Since the moment cancer was declared I have become a broken person. For a moment I succeed in assuring myself that it is not necessary that every cancer patient is incurable  since I am under the treatment of a reputed doctor in you. I tell myself that there is a greater possibility  of my getting cured and therefore there is no need to worry. But this assurance remains for a short  time." 


141.Torments, everyone with his complaints c 

Meanings :- torments (n): worries and annoys excessively. 

 Complaints (n): expressions of pain or troubles or the like in order to get redressal of them.  Excessively (n): causing worry and annoyance to everyone, with the expressions of pains  and troubles repeatedly. 

Versions :- (1) "My mind is always occupied with one of the other complaint. You with appreciate that one who is in trouble will definitely be talking to everyone about his sufferings in the hope that  someone may suggest a good solution. But my family people think that I am in the habit of bothering  everyone." 

(2) "People will go on telling me to change the topic and talk about something else but I will not listen  to them. As a result they leave me." 

142. Travel, desire to B 

Meanings :- travel (v): to go from one place to another or from place to place by any means of transport  with a fixed destination and purpose in mind. 

Interpretation :- inclined to go from place to place, as it pleases one's mind. 

Versions :- "I am fond of visiting places of interest like hill stations and places with natural  surroundings and sceneries." 

143. Unconsciousness, interrupted by screaming A 

Meanings :- unconsciousness (n): state of complete loss of the power of perception and awareness of  the surroundings. Is not able to respond to sensory stimulations. 

Interrupted (adj): broken in between by trying with a shrill sound. 

Interpretation :- the state of unconsciousness is broken for some time or moments in between by  shrieking (as a sign of awareness of pains or dangers, etc.) 

Versions :- (1) "A person remains forgetful in a state of unawareness that an important work is  suffering which requires his attention without delay and this state is broken in between with a  remainder of ruin."

 (2) "The patient remains quiet for most of the time but produces sounds of distress  occasionally." 

144. Wander, desire to c 

Meanings :- wander (v): To go from place to place without any object and fixed destination.  Desires (v): Wishes to. 

Interpretation :- inclined to go from place to place without any purpose and without knowing the  destination, as it pleases one's mind. 

Versions :- "Something impels me to go out somewhere. When I start and go out a house, I stop and  ponder where and in which direction to go. In this way after thinking for a longtime I move on in the direction facing me and stop again after it few steps. Like this I repeat the same exercise many times  and come back home." 

145. Weeping, refused anything, when A 

Meanings :- weeping (n): shedding tears to express grief, sorrow or any overpowering emotion.  Refused (v): A request rejected. 

Interpretation :- weeps when he feels his request for anything is rejected. 

Versions :- "when I come here I do everything to impress upon you that I require your full attention to  get rid of my disease. You also do not spare any effort or your part to prescribe a correct medicine and  even after that if I do not get relief I feel as if my request has been turned down by an unknown force  which is followed by tears from my eyes." 

146. Weeping, touched when A 

Meanings :- touched (adj): coming into contact with the fingers or hands or any part of someone's body. 

Interpretation :- while coming into contact physically with finger, hand or any part of the another's body  or mentally in the thought or word heard move the mind and stir it to react in the form of shedding  tears. 

Versions :- "feels that she never hurts her men, why then all those sufferings for her. With tears in her  eyes she asks the ALL MIGHTY." 

147. Well, says, he is, when very sick B 

Meanings :- Well (adj): In a satisfactory position. 

 Says (v): States as an opinion. 

 Very (adj): in a high degree. 

Interpretation :- there seems to be no communication between the body and mind. While seriously sick  feels is in satisfactory state of health.

Versions :- (1) If you ask you patient, how he is, he will reply that he is well. 

"Do you know that you have fever." 


"Still you feel you are well." 


(2) "please wait and do not change the medicine. I feel I am getting some relief. After sometime he  gets the opposite feeling and says perhaps he was wrong." 

148. Will, contradiction of C 

Meanings :- will (n): The power of control the mind has over its own actions or the power of choosing  one's options. 

Contradiction (n) of: Assertion of the opposite. 

Interpretation :- Assertion of the opposite between the options to the exercised. Rejecting its own  decisions and sticking to none. 

Versions :- "I take a decision now and rejected it the next moment. Say for example about medicine. I  decide that I should go in for allopathic treatment that cures quickly and soon after sometime it will come to my mind that homoeopathy will be better as it gives a permanent.This keeps me undercided." 

149. Will, muscles refuse to obey the will when attention is turned away. AA 

Interpretation :- This rubric may be changed in this fashion. 'WILL, Muscles obey the will so long as the will is strong.' This rubric indicates the relationship between the mind and the functions of the body.  All depends upon the firmness of mind. If the mind it becomes weak and accepts excuses the body has  to offer for its malfunctioning then body assumes control over the mind and vice versa. 

Versions :- This rubric may be changed as Muscles obey the will so long as the will is strong. (1) "I am carrying on just on the strength of my will, otherwise I do not think that anyone in my position  could pull on." 

(2) "I try my best to keep control over myself. The pain disturbs me too much and ultimately a stage is  reached when I am unable to hold myself and try to cling to someone for medicine or whatever he made  do." 

(3) the child has a very strong will. He will try to bear pain as long as possible and will not disturb us.  But when the pain goes out of his control he tries to cling to anyone who is near. (4) "when the pain becomes unbearable and my will gives way I start talking to someone." (5) "I try to bear the pain as long as possible. When I find that I am not able to keep control over  myself I have to take the allopathic medicine against my wishes." 

150. Will, two, feels, as if he had two wills C 

Meanings :- feels (v): Knows by the sense of touch. 

Interpretation :- the situation seems to be providing two parallel options having merits of their own  keeping the mind wavering to come to a final one. Double minded. 

Versions :- "My mind is in two wills. Since I have already started your treatment and I feel some relief, 

I wish I should continue the treatment. On the other hand, in this season all ways I go to Haridwar and  spend two or three months there in good humor. Now this is an attraction in itself, because in that  atmosphere most of my ailments disappear." 

Now I have come to you for advice as to which course I should take. 


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